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About The Network

Choose Joy Now Network is the premier lifestyle network helping women unleash the life they have been hiding! We accomplish this by offering joyful experiences and engaging, transformative and fun workshops to help women break through what’s holding them back from living the life they want. We are a global platform where women will be encouraged, supported and activated to live joyfully NOW!  This sisterhood is for all women: mothers, professionals, working mothers, stay-at-home mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, volunteers and educators! All are welcome to join!  As we learn to live more joyous and passionate lives, we are able to give more love, be loved and live our highest purpose.  We collaborate with bold, energetic visionaries and experts to educate, inspire and support women in the network to live joyous lives now! We encourage you to join our sisterhood filled with other women on the expedition to find or sustain passion and joy.  


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Are you ready to unleash your best self now? Are you ready to add more passion, fun, adventure and joy into your life? Join Indy's Leading Lifestlye Network today! If you would like more information about the network or upcoming events please complete the contact form below! 

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