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#PurgeYourCloset Challenge

Well fall is here and I’m still on my purging journey. I have indeed made several steps in the purging process but not quite where I want to be. In my closet I have noticed I still have several items with the tag! These items are not necessarily out of style and they still fit, so I asked myself, “why is it still in the closet with the tag”? To help me move further with this purge process, I’ve decided to take a personal fashion challenge. I will see how many days I can go without wearing my “uniform” and wear the clothes brand new clothes or those I haven’t worn in at least 1 month or more. I will use the ‘turn the unworn clothes hangers around’ method.

In my case, I will turn my hangers around for clothes I have worn, since I believe this is less effort than turning around the hangers of items I haven’t worn. Will you join me on this challenge and tell me how it goes for you? Will you join me in donating the clothes you no longer wear?

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