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How to boost your mood in little as 5 minutes

How are you doing? I know many of us living in the US have lots of different emotions right now. Unfortunately, I do not have the answers to the larger world concerns. However, this is a good time to do a self-check. This is the time to implement or get back to a consistent self-care plan for yourself.

Self-care is something that’s important to make a part of our daily living for various reasons. Regular self-care can:

  • Help you feel energized

  • Help you be more connected

  • Enhance your mood

  • Improve your quality of life

  • Enhance your ability to give love without resentment because your needs are being met

Are you in agreement with the importance of self-care but think, 'Yes a massage would be great, but I don’t have time for that!' I understand we live complex lives but I want to challenge the way you may think of self-care. You can add self-care to your life in as little as 5 minutes. Consider the following:

  • Deep breathing You can do this almost anywhere at any time. Read here to learn more about a technique called Box Breathing.

  • Massage your hands with a nice scented lotion. Lotions with essential oils are great. Consider one with peppermint for an energy boost or lavender for relaxation.

  • Drink a cup of tea hot tea. Green tea is good for an energy boost and Chamomile is good for relaxation. I personally love ginger and lemon tea with or without honey.

  • Light a nicely scented candle, focus on it and relax

  • Journal

  • Do what I call a ‘mind release’. Write down all your random or concerned thoughts. When you write it down it helps you release mind clutter or gain clarity. Remember there’s not a right or wrong way to write in a journal, only your way.

  • Laugh out loud:

  • Search You-tube and make a playlist of 1 minute laugh out loud funny videos

  • Listen to music and/or dance:

  • Create music playlists you can keep with you on your phone or electronic device of choice. Create a playlist for different moods: an inspirational list; an empowering list to help you get pumped up for that big event or presentation; a dancing list (did someone say let’s do the Wobble?) and a relaxation list which can help you wind down at night.

If you are willing to take more than 5 minutes consider implementing the following activities:

Take an enrichment class. One of my friends recently took a pottery class. This was something she had been wanting to do for years and she finally did it! She had fun doing something different and have beautiful pottery to display!

Hopefully these things help spark your thinking about self-care in ways other than a massage. The key thing to remember is consistency. Pick one or two things and do those things consistently. Take 5 minutes or more a day for yourself at least twice a day. Don’t talk yourself out of giving yourself this time. Everyone can find a way to make 10 minutes available for themselves, even if you have to take the time in the bathroom to get away. Do it! You’re worth it and your family will thank you when they start to notice a happier and more joyful mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend. Also little by little help get your family used to this new way of life, and invite them to support you with giving you the space and time for self-care by reminding them, you will be a happier mom, wife etc…when you take care of yourself first.

Tell me what will you do for yourself with 5 minutes a day?

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