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#JOYHACK: Losing Clutter and Gaining Control of Your Time and Energy

Are you looking forward to the upcoming activities or are you stressed out by All the events on your calendar? Are you feeling stuck in a rut? What about your closet? Do you look in your closet and feel excited or do you feel dread?

If you answered yes to any of these, you could benefit from decluttering your life!

When you declutter your life, you open yourself up to many benefits. Below are the top 3 reasons to declutter your life:

· More free time. When you declutter your physical space (i.e., closet, simplify the number of knick-knacks) you have less to clean and maintain. When you remove excess activities and events from your calendar you have more “white space” to think, relax, or have impromptu fun.

· More energy and elevated mood. Think how you feel when you walk into a newly decluttered room. For me I gain an instant mood boost. This is also the feeling I have when I accomplish a goal or finish outstanding tasks.

· Mental clarity and focus. When you declutter your life you open yourself up for mental clarity and increased ability to focus. Think of how a computer may slow down when it has too many open browser windows. The same can happen to us when we have too much mental clutter.

Ok Ok, I hear you. “Yeah yeah, I agree, but what do I purge/declutter and how?” Below are 4 areas to purge that will have huge payoffs.

· Mental Space. Forgive those you are still holding a grudge. Purge the negative thoughts you replay over and over in your mind.

· Calendar of events and activities. Critically review your calendar and determine where you have over-committed and what events or activities you could eliminate or decrease.

· Old goals. A new year is coming, this is a great time of year to clear out or reassess all the major goals you have created for yourself.

· Physical space. Start with the physical spaces you use most often like your closet or common living areas.

Glad you haven’t given up and you’re still with me. Trust me, I hear you now saying, “These are easier said than done. Just how do I achieve this?” Keep reading.

· Mental Space. Decluttering your mental space can be challenging but it is possible. Hire a therapist to help you process the negative thoughts. You can also select a positive mantra or affirmation to replace the negative mantra and repeat it to yourself several times a day. Read Wayne Dyer’s blog on how to forgive.

· Decluttering your calendar requires acts of clarity and courage. Be clear about the priorities for you and your family and only say “yes” to those things aligned with those priorities. As women, we may associate our self-worth with the constant need to do things for others. It requires courage to say “no” even in the most loving way, but you can do it. It will become easier the more you stay aligned with your priorities.

· Old goals. Do self-reflection on all your major goals. Determine if deep down there are goals you no longer want to pursue. For example, you may want to release the goal of learning a 2nd language that’s been on your list for years after you realize you really aren’t interested in pursuing the goal, but you thought you “should” or that it sounded good to say to others. Also determine if you have taken on other people’s goals as your own and purge them.

· Physical space. For your clothes closet, consider creating a wardrobe capsule instead of focusing on a large volume of clothes and accessories. For all other physical spaces, remove things you do not need, use or love. It’s cliché but true. Another helpful tip is to ask yourself, if you would buy the same item today. If the answer is “no”, bless someone else with the item. You may also have to release yourself from the guilt of spending money on something you didn’t use or no longer want. Again, focus on the fact you will be adding joy to someone else’s life when you donate that item.

Now you have a few but mighty tips that will help you gain more time and energy back into your life so you can create space for more joy. Remember, you can start with just one tip at a time and you will gain big rewards.

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