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My Idea Was Stolen!

Have you ever had an idea that was stolen by someone else and they did not give you credit? That happened to me! Well, sort of. Let me explain. I wanted to start a lunch and learn series at a corporation only to see another person had started a series! I was angry, then sad because I had the idea for at least 2 years, discussing the idea with people about, “what I was going to do”, but was slow to action. After I got over my “feelings” I remembered a wise college professor, Dana Dennard, once said, “There is no original thought”. This person did not “steal” my idea. I was just slow to turn my idea into action. I also realized, there is room for more than 1 lunch and learn series. Just think about it, Beyoncé didn’t say she wasn’t going to be a singer because that spot was taken by Janet Jackson or Mariah Carey. She realized there is room for them all. Some people will like Beyoncé and not Mariah or some may like them both! The solution to someone “stealing” your idea is by moving from idea to action! Determine the smallest step you can take right now to move you closer to bringing your idea to reality. Remove perfectionistic thinking. Whatever you do won’t be perfect but that’s ok. Done is better than perfect. As long as you keep your ideas in your head, it’s just theory until you put it into action. The more you do the more you are able to learn how to make it better. You may even realize you don’t want to continue with the idea. You may be wondering, if I ever started that series. Yes I did! There is room for us all. The world is waiting on you! What gift will you share with us?

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