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One thing I'm not giving up for the new year!

Happy New Year! Have you made a resolution to give up something? This year, I’ve decided to ADD something to my life instead of taking something away. This year I’m not giving up “Playfulness” for “Productivity”. This year I plan to continue my Joy Journey further. I can be a wet blanket in the name of “getting things done”. Not this year. I aim to be more mindful to follow the lead of my children more and vacuum less. I was in my daughter’s room at the end of the Christmas school break this past December and said to her, “you didn’t clean out all the stuff in your dresser drawers as we discussed”. She said, “yes, I had fun instead”. Hmmmm, maybe words to live by. I just said “Yes you did” and stopped talking instead of the usual, “let’s get it done now!”

I recently heard friends and other women say this year they will have more fun. I say “Yes!!” let’s have fun together. What was the hobby you used to enjoy but as life happened you let slip away? What about your dream of writing a book or starting a small business? People are waiting for your gift. Perhaps it’s making self-care a higher priority for 2017.

To increase the probability of achieving your desires, you will need to create a plan. You may need to share your desires with key people in your life if they will be affected by your plan. For example, if you are responsible for after-school carpooling, inform the group of your new availability. If childcare is a concern, consider swapping childcare with a friend to help create free time. Block time on your calendar to work on your goal and priorities daily or weekly.

What will you add to your life in 2017? More spa days, dancing with friends, attending more Choose Joy Now Network events?

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