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Are you looking for more excitement in your life?

I love summer! It rarely gets too hot for me and I have lived in hot climates like Texas and Florida. As part of my choose joy now journey, I’m always looking for ways to amp up the fun in my life as well as going outside of my comfort zone. This summer my family and I enjoyed a few days at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. It was great! My family loves riding all the roller coasters and other thrill seeking rides.

Although we lucked out and had great weather and short lines, we still had a little waiting time. While in line and looking around the park, at the tall roller coasters and other thrill rides, I began thinking about how roller coasters and life are similar.

The ride: We decide whether or not to get in line for the ride.

Life: We have ideas of what we are going to do but yet to take action, and must decide to get “in line” for the ride!

The ride: We get in line. Sometimes the line is short (yeah!) Sometimes the line takes hours before it’s our turn. For many, once we get in line, it’s no turning back, we’ve invested the time already and we want our reward of the thrill ride! Some think things will be better later (i.e. shorter lines) and get out of line only to find nothing gained and time lost.

Life: We decide to take action towards our goal. Sometimes we get the right tools and support to achieve our results quickly (yeah!) Sometimes it takes a while for us to get results. We get frustrated and rethink whether or not to continue down the path. Many times, we give up and go back to our original state (i.e. quit) if the thrill does not come quick enough.

The ride: We are finally on the ride! Weee! Aaaah!!! Laughter! [Afterward] Constant chatter about how great, scary that was. For some, “when can we do it again” for others, “I’m done”.

Life: I’m doing it! Oh no! Oh yes! It feels so weird and uncomfortable to be doing…(a new hobby, exercise class, business etc..). I want to keep doing this! I like it. For some, I don’t like this feeling. Unconsciously we want to be numb to life, not exhilarated.

Some say, if you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space!

What will you do to enjoy summer? Will you enjoy the exhilaration of trying something new?

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